3 unexpected benefits of staying first class with 1st CLASS PLEASE

Everyone knows that staying first class is a wonderful experience – the accommodation venues are beautiful, you’re close to most visitor’s attractions and the service is excellent. However, at 1st CLASS PLEASE we’ve discovered three unexpected benefits of staying first class that you probably haven’t even considered.




It makes business sense

When you’re travelling for business, there is nothing more valuable than making new contacts. Staying, dining and socialising in first class accommodation venues like 5-star hotels in Europe, America and Asia provides business travellers with the opportunity to encounter like-minded individuals who could very well turn out to be collaborators on future projects. After all, inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, and a connection you make on foreign soil could lead to all sorts of exciting business opportunities later down the line.

It’s good for your overall health

Hygiene maintenance in first class accommodation venues is always top-notch, and you can rest assured of daily linen changes and thorough housekeeping throughout your stay, but staying first class is good for your overall health for another reason – it’s less stressful. Five-star hotels, B&Bs, lodges and guesthouses take the utmost care to create a calm environment in which their guests can relax and enjoy a restful stay. Stress has been linked to a variety of lifestyle illnesses that include everything from diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease to obesity, depression and anxiety; as such, it only makes sense to arrange a stress-free stay throughout your travels.

It can actually save you money

When you stay first class, a lot of extras are included in the cost of your lodging. This differs from venue to venue, but could include spa treatments, meals, a concierge service and more. Additionally, first class accommodation venues also normally have their own swimming pools, gyms and other on-site facilities that may be used by guests free of charge. If you had to pay for each of these services and facilities individually it could eventually add up to quite a bit more than anticipated, so you could end up enjoying substantial savings.

These are just some of the unexpected benefits of staying first class. Get in touch with a 1st CLASS PLEASE representative to learn more about our preferred first class accommodation providers and how we can assist you to tailor a seamless travel experience.

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