Why you should float your way to paradise with 1st CLASS PLEASE

Mankind has travelled the oceans in search of fortune and adventure for as long as ships have been around, so it is no wonder that seasoned travellers feel the tug of wanderlust now and again. At 1st CLASS PLEASE we believe that a cruise is one of the most glamorous ways to experience the world, which is why we have searched far and wide to find the best cruise providers available.

Where have you always dreamt of going? Do you long for the age-old glamour of Northern- and Western Europe, the soulful allure of the Mediterranean or the mystical ambience of Asia and the Pacific? Or do your tastes lie more towards spicy locales like South America or the Panama Canal region? Maybe you’d prefer to explore the great continent of Australia and all it has to offer? No matter where you’re headed, 1st CLASS PLEASE will find a luxury cruise liner headed in that direction.

Imagine a journey tailored to your unique requirements, a lingering adventure in the lap of luxury. When you choose to book through 1st CLASS PLEASE you can look forward to service beyond compare. Think specialty restaurants and cafés that offer the finest cuisine available on the seven seas, on-board musicians and artists that provide nightly live entertainment and highly trained staff members to cater to your every whim (including round-the-clock room service and butler assistance in your suite).

But the real thing that sets 1st CLASS PLEASE apart from our fierce competition is our commitment to provide our guests with unparalleled cultural experiences. Our cruise providers offer shore excursions don’t merely skim the surface – each discovery expedition is meticulously planned and designed to allow participants to become part of the fabric of everyday life in their chosen destination. And when you’re not exploring new, exotic locations you can spend your time onboard relaxing, keeping fit, indulging in some pampering sessions or even build out your skillset by participating in various demonstrations by professional chefs, photographers, etc.

Make your next holiday an adventure to remember – book a cruise with 1st CLASS PLEASE today and get ready to explore the great unknown from beyond the tantalizing break of foreign waves. Life is for the living and you are worth it.


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