Experience the best flying can offer – yes there is an option called First Class!

Flying inter- continental routes can be tough, but a bed, shower facilities on board or a butler could definitely enhance your trip to an extraordinary luxury flying experience.

Pre – boarding experience Most airlines provide a luxury chauffer transfer service. They will collect you from your door and, when you land, they will be there to take you to your final destination. That could be straight to your hotel, your next meeting, your favourite restaurant or to the golf course.Get to spend time in the First Class lounge. The luxury lounges offer gourmet buffets, à la carte meals, soothing spa, massage or beauty treatments.

Stress free productivity – an added advantage for business travellers is a luxury cocoon of quiet space where you can be more productive. When you need a nap in between work , then you are more likely to get those much needed zzzzz ‘s in First Class. A First-Class seat is a real office, complete with power outlets, privacy, and Wi-Fi.

Time is a very valuable benefit. You can show up at the airport later because your First Class boarding pass gives you access to a faster security line at most airports.

Food and drink prepared by connoisseurs, but more important, it’s a la carte.

First Class dining can have you sipping on Dom Perignon, eating caviar or lobster and enjoying the most delicious meals prepared by award winning chefs. Choose from the indulgent and delicious à la carte menu designed by leading chefs from around the world.

Personal care items. You are guaranteed a more personal experience due to the ratio of flight attendant to passengers. First class has its own dedicated bathrooms with superior products (soaps, lotions etc). Luxury pyjamas, slippers and amenity kits with the latest brand names including hand lotions, after shave lotions and other much needed items are available to make your flight experience more comfortable.


These advantages and the indulgent onboard experience will guarantee a memorable luxury travel experience.

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